At Spielben & Co we handle every facet of video production including scouting, narrative development, story outlines, physical production, executive production, video editing, motion graphics & 3D animation, visual effects, music supervision, sound design, voice-over narration, colour correction, and digital distribution.


in a way your audience can easily relate to and remember. The human brain craves visual stimulation and coupled with strong audio content a great video can have a powerful impact on your viewer. Our talented team will help guide you through the sometimes complex world of video production, from the initial idea right the way through to the finished product. Whether you want to produce a quirky animation, a serious business video or a slick sales film our team will work with you to develop your ideas and present you with options and creative solutions.

We have the experience, the equipment and, most of all, the skilled team of people to make any vision a reality.

Brand Video
Brand Video
Video content is thriving. In fact, video is predicted to make up 90% of all internet content in the next decade.
Animation / Motion Graphic
Animation / Motion Graphic
Motion Graphics and/or animation will connect with your audience in a fun, emotional and eye catching way.
Brand Video
Brand Video
Building a brand from the ground up or developing existing brands to make them more relevant and competitive...
Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography
A perfect view just for you with professional aerial photography and video
We handle every facet of a documentary production. Whatever your objectives, whether your documentary production takes you around the corner or around the world,
Promotional Video
Promotional Video
The main benefit of a promotional video is to raise the profile of your organisation and to elevate you to a much wider audience.

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a strong online presence is vital if you wish your business to succeed. Therefore, the importance of a good corporate video cannot be underestimated: Nowadays businesses need to make engaging brand videos to stay competitive and ahead of the game. As a result the corporate video has moved away from being merely a desirable extra towards being an essential part of your marketing mix. A creative and professional video can drive traffic to your website, improve SEO, bring social media to life and ultimately earn you more customers.

As specialists in corporate video production Spielben & Co handle every part of the production process for you from concept through to completion. A creative and innovative video is important, however, effectiveness is the key element. The money you spend on your video should translate into something tangible, such as increased revenue from more customers or better brand recognition. During filming, we work with professional technicians who have decades of experience in making people look and sound good. They are thorough, proficient experts who take pride in their work and who appreciate the need to stay completely on target.


A brand video is typically the light-touch way to let your target audience know who you are and what you do. There is no need for lots of company profiling details, instead we play to your brand strengths and promote what makes you different from your competitors. We will use editing, music and script to create a unified vision of your brand.

Understanding the importance of consistent branding and a clear corporate identity we can help you develop unique visual approaches from scratch to meet any commercial objectives you may have.


The main benefit of a promotional video is to raise the profile of your organisation. A great promotional campaign can elevate you to a much wider audience and


Whatever your objectives, whether your documentary production takes you around the corner or around the world, Spielben & Co is there to ensure that your final product is the masterpiece you envision.
With our professional in-house creative team comprising of art directors, directors, producers, designers and animators, we are very experienced in the entire creative development process.
From creating fresh concepts from scratch, to working to a fully formed creative idea, we can take on any brief and elevate it to a level beyond your expectations!

We are also great with people – we know how to build rapport, boost an interviewee’s confidence or treat a situation with sensitivity and care whilst making it fun and enjoyable in the process.

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