Why Choose Spielben & Co. for your Real Estate Photography in Thailand?

Competition is tough in real estate. Ranking better on listings is no longer about word description. In this age, real estate photography and videography play a huge role in selling or renting your residential or business property. At Spielben & Co., we specialise in the art of taking attractive and eye-catching pictures for real estate. Our goal: to ensure you rank higher on relevant property listing.

We offer our photography services backed with an experience spanning more than six years in the business. Our work in both interior and exterior property photography enjoys the expertise of well trained and experienced photographers and editors. From luxury real estate photography, virtual tours, aerial photography to drone videos for real estate we charge pocket-friendly visual prices. We produce real estate visuals that sell.

Why do you need a real estate photographer in Thailand?

Using a professional real estate photographer in Thailand increases your chances of a quick sale. With clear, bright and retouched photos with editing software, your property will get increased viewers.

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Who needs real estate photography in Thailand?

Current real estate market trends indicate that anyone looking to rent or buy a property, book a resort or hotel is sure to go online. A potential client is certain to be attracted to well taken and edited photographs and videos. Any “For Sale” or “To Let” property with poor visuals is likely to suffer low if no viewings. The following are benefits of using our services:

  • Owners selling or renting houses- Eye-catching and vivid imagery will get the attention of a prospective buyer. The more captivating, the easier for them to pick up the phone and call. With more interested people, your sale time is shorter. You get to get the finance you needed faster.
  • Hotels and resorts- Consumers are looking for comfort, luxury and fun in a safe location. Through accurately taken, clear and precise visuals, we capture this detail, and your bookings throughout the year will increase.
  • Real estate developers- As a developer, you are very dependent on visual imagery in attracting potential clients. Through real estate photography and videography, you can visualise your “future” project in its surrounding. Using virtual tour and aerial photography, future buyers and renters get to take a trip through the property, increasing your chances of having a shorter sale time.

How Spielben & Co. shoot real estate photography in Thailand?

At Spielben & Co., one of the leading Phuket real estate photography companies, we strive for perfection. Each part of your property is accurately captured to its best potential. To create a more appealing visual, we shoot in 3 stages.

  • Exterior photography- Producing great photos of the exterior of your property is just as important as creating great photos of the interior of your property. Using aerial photography, walk-through video or even “FPV”, the first-person viewer, our crew concentrate on the signature features like decks, flower beds, pool and the house design. Being lighting technique experts, we select the best time of day for natural light. It captures clear and unique photos.
  • Interior photography- We use time tested technique to capture the essence of your interior. Using wide-angle lense and exposure compensation, we shoot entire rooms without depriving them of the brightness and warmth they offer. We work with you to capture the highlight features from different interesting angles. We make each property stand out from others.
  • Aerial photography- Using drones and UAV, we capture your property from a bird’s eye view. It is only with aerial photography that you can view your natural surroundings, for example, lakes and beaches. Details like this are important, especially for those with luxury resorts and hotels.

Why is post-production so important for real estate photography?

Compare our before & after visual check and see why

real estate photography - post productionreal estate photographer - post production
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Post-production enables us to enhance the quality of the image. The weather on the shoot day may not be favourable, there may be some aesthetic issues or something that may need to be removed. Retouching in post-production is an important aspect of the result of your image. Our real estate photography service includes retouching with up-to-date editing software resulting in the best possible result.

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Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on, the listing description and agent description (The Wall Street Journal).