At Spielben & Co we handle every facet of film service production in thailand including scouting, film and work permits processing, narrative development, story outlines, physical production, executive production, video editing, motion graphics & 3D animation, visual effects, music supervision, sound design, voice-over narration, color correction, and digital distribution.

Thailand Film Services Production at Spielben & Co.

For video production services in Thailand you will find all you need at Spielben & Co. We cover everything from storyboarding to remote video production services taking your project from pre-production to post-production. As experienced producers we have professional videography background, and a proven track record.

Extensive Experience in Thailand Video Production

At Spielben & Co. we bring you a broad range of experience in producing all video types, including corporate video production, music video production, event video, explainer video, remote video production, crowdfunding and documentaries. Perhaps you have an idea for a commercial video that you want to bring to fruition or, would you simply like a Phuket video production of your family vacation?

Spielben & Co.’s videography services in Thailand bring your vision to life. Our services boast a skillset that encompasses every aspect of the production process. Our in-house team has extensive experience working closely with other professionals in this field and all meet today’s high demand for professional video. Whether it’s a Camera Operator, Assistant Producer, Fixer, Location Manager, Makeup Artist, Driver or a Line Producer we cover all aspects of professional video production in Thailand.

Video Production Process

As a video production studio we cover the entire process from pre-production to the finished video. Let us take a look at the steps of our in-house video production process

  • Pre-production: we want to take your story and bring it to life. As a creative agency we start with an in-depth analysis of your needs. The outcome of this will show us which areas you need us to focus on be it:  storyboarding, scriptwriting, scouting, market surveys and any legal paperwork for permits and budgeting required.
  • Production: once the pre production work has been completed we can move on to the actual production. The shoot will take place either on location or in our studio. This is the phase where our television production skills, multi-camera directing, lighting, angles and managing a creative production team come into play.Our twenty years of marketing, web and event video and television experiences are all invaluable for contributing to your video‘s look and feel.
  • Post-production: once filming is complete we work on editing, sound design, grading, motion graphics, dubbing and sound effects. If this work demands a specific set of skills we may bring in an expert in a particular area.
  • Listening: each client has a vision. We listen, communicate and deliver.

Spielben & Co Associates come from backgrounds in sound design, 3D design, animation, tools such as Adobe After-Effects and other services requiring a video editor. I personally have extensive experience in motion graphics design, interactive design and VFX, including Adobe After-Effects.

Quality Phuket Video Production with a Budget

Our quality is consistently high. Let’s dispel any notion that there is a relationship between budget and quality. They are not mutually exclusive.Your budget has no impact on the quality of the work and commitment you will receive from Spielben and Co. We can work closely and honestly with you and will always try to work within your budget offering cost effective solutions. 

We support you fully in your video production project. You are not alone. Allow Spielben & Co. to manage all aspects of your Thailand video production facilitating collaboration with all crew members. Let us help you plan your budget, work with you on the script or direct the filming processes. 

We are also great with people – we know how to build rapport, boost an interviewee’s confidence or treat a situation with sensitivity and care whilst making it fun and enjoyable in the process.

Additional Video Production Services from Spielben & Co.

In addition to our experience and skill in film and video, Spielben & Co. offer you an in-depth knowledge and cultural awareness of Thailand. As the Director of Spielben & Co., Phuket is my home base. I have also managed video productions in Bangkok and other parts of  Thailand.  It’s not only the abundance of scenic backdrops, but, the comfortable relationship the film industry has with this beautiful country for filmmaking.

Film and video creation is not merely a matter of placing a camera on a tripod and shooting the unfolding scene. It also includes those tiresome jobs that can mess with the smooth orchestration of successful video agency work. Our fixer services include processing the permits and any other paperwork you may require. We are well-versed in videography processes in Thailand. In fact, other international video production companies frequently hire us to process their paperwork before they arrive.

My additional value-added services include drone photography, industrial video production for factories, remote video production, music video production, documentaries and online video advertising.

Spielben & Co. work by taking your concept, creating some magic, and presenting your brand in a creative and original way.

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