Why Choose Spielben & Co Drone Services in Thailand?

Drone technology is propelling videography and photography to greater heights and providing endless possibilities for various businesses. Apart from allowing access to hard-to-reach areas, drones take photos from different angles and higher perspectives. The result is spectacular images instead of bland photos from a regular camera.

Choose our drone services in Phuket, Thailand, and add creativity to your photos and videos. Our professional service guarantees the following benefits:
Always Ready to Fly
If you need fast drone videography services, our drone operators are ready to fly at a moment’s notice. We can work on corporate and personal projects with our broad spectrum of drone services Thailand.
We understand the value of drone services to your business, and we will use our creativity to capture high-quality images from virtually any angle.
Experience in Flying Any Drone
Our drone operators are experts in flying various drones, including DJI, Multirotor, Unmanned aerial vehicles and FPV (first-person viewer), which produce and deliver up to 4k resolution videos and high-quality images.
At drone services thailand, we take security seriously and all of our pilots have the NBCT and CAAT licenses. We only allow experienced, licensed and insured pilots into the air.

Your drone services Thailand provider for TVC, Documentary or Corporate Films

Spielben & Co drone services thailand are a great choice if you want to produce creative drone video footage

We provide drone videography services with creative input throughout your project. Whether you want a business film, video of an event, documentary, animation or sales video, we guarantee top-notch production. We rely on the best equipment, from high-resolution cameras capable of producing 4HD videos to professional video editing software to deliver high end videos.

Our pilots fly the DJI Mavic Pro 2, the DJI Phantom 4 pro, DJI FPV system or our bespoke multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles. Our quadcopters are capable of incredibly smooth 4k video resolution, provide stabilized 20 Megapixel images and are ideal for capturing high definition projects. We can shoot with any GoPro,  or small Hd video camera

Our drone services Thailand services cover:

Video shooting and narrative development: When planning for video shooting, we make sure we have all the equipment on-site to ensure complete coverage of the intended scenery. We also ensure we have the necessary permits and acquire both NBCT and CAAT licences to avoid potential delays due to non-compliance. Our team can also assist in narration and audio content to ensure your film meets the highest industry standards.

Video editing: aerial footage shooting adds depth, imagery and a unique perspective to your video. Hence, the final product will require minimal editing, grading and a few visual effects to be perfect.

Real Estate: promotional, walk around, 3d imagery or FPV content. We are well practiced at presenting creative and effective images that will help sell or rent out your property.

Documentaries: with our aerial filming services and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you produce breath-taking documentaries.

Corporate films: aerial imagery can be included in presentation videos, corporate event videos or promotional video. Drone filming and photography adds another dimension to your image and business.

TVC: we can help you prepare TV commercials highlighting your products and services. We have participated in numerous TVC production in Thailand and have experience in working hand to hand with creative teams, productions and international directors.

Using drone services thailand for advertisements nowadays is almost a necessity if you want to stay ahead, or,  in the market.


Professional Aerial Imagery in Thailand

Apart from aerial videography services, we provide drone photography services. Our aerial photography in Phuket, Thailand, offers the following services:

Real estate drone photography: Real estate drone services give the audience a bird’s eye view of the property. Potential homeowners will get a view of the best features of your property.

Drone survey: You can use our drone filming photography to survey ongoing infrastructure projects. For instance, drone services Thailand helps to check your construction projects’ progress and see if the roofing is complete. 

Preventive maintenance: Most infrastructure projects require maintenance; drone filming can come in handy in monitoring for damages in large projects.

A Vast Experience All Over Thailand in Drone Filming

Spielben & Co drone services are mainly in Phuket, but we do shooting aerial photography and videography all over Thailand. Our focus is on documentaries and TV commercials. However, our team is equally talented in producing music videos, or shooting for luxury resorts, villas and properties.

Our main selling point is the quick turnaround time. When you are ready for shooting, hire our drone service Thailand, and we will be there with all the necessary equipment. With our Bangkok film equipment, we can shoot immediately without waiting for equipment from Phuket. Our aerial photography in Phuket, Thailand, will certainly propel your business to great heights by attracting your audience’s attention, with eye catching drone video.