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Film & Video Services Production - Thailand

Spielben And Co. is an expert film and video production services company based in Phuket and Bangkok. For over 10 years, we have helped video production companies, independent filmmakers, and corporate clients produce high-quality video content. Our end-to-end production services make it easy for you to create stunning films and videos within time and budget.

As an established video production company in Thailand for over 10 years, Spielben And Co. delivers stunning films and videos for discerning clients worldwide.

Our experienced production services company in Bangkok and Phuket handles every aspect of pre-production and production:

  • Film production budgeting & scheduling
  • Casting services for professional Thai actors
  • Detailed locations scouting
  • Securing permits, equipment rentals & studio rentals
  • Coordinating travel, meals & accommodation

We also offer full video production services including:

  • Producing & production management
  • Directing & assistant directing
  • Camera, lighting, audio – our talented Thai crew has you covered
  • Set design & construction
  • Wardrobe, hair, makeup
  • Craft services
  • Dedicated on-set safety

With a passion for the art and craft of filmmaking, our video producers create compelling films and videos for:

  • Corporate video production
  • Commercial production
  • Documentary production
  • Lifestyle production
Thailand Film Service Production


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Why Choose Spielben And Co.?

If you are searching for “video production services near me“, look no further than Spielben And Co. With our experienced crew and coordinators, we make it easy for video production companies to shoot anywhere in Thailand and surrounding regions.

We offer:

  • Deep knowledge of local sites, permits, regulations
  • Relationships with local actors and film crew
  • Access to film equipment, studios, and sound stages
  • Flexibility and efficiency for corporate video production

When you need professional, reliable video producers and film services production, Spielben And Co. delivers.
Contact us today to discuss your next film or video project!

Spielben & Co offers a diverse selection of professional camera equipment, lights and grips, supported by a highly skilled and helpful core team. Their expertise and commitment to customer service make them a dependable partner for all production needs.

Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve been honored to partner with an impressive roster of high-profile clients for video production services. From global enterprises to creative agencies, renowned brands across diverse industries continue to rely on our film production expertise.

Our portfolio includes projects for major multi-national corporations seeking corporate training and marketing videos. We’ve also worked with prominent non-profit organizations to produce compelling fundraising and awareness campaigns. Additionally, we partner innovative technology startups and established consumer brands to develop digital content and TV commercials.

Notable companies we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with for video production services include Agoda, Discovery, Rosewood , Bombay Sapphire, Master Venture, and much more. We provided full film production services like location scouting, casting, crewing, equipment rentals, and more.

Our versatility across both corporate and creative realms demonstrates our commitment to world-class video production services. We’re grateful that prominent organizations of all kinds trust our video production company in Thailand to bring their vision to life through video.

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