Why Choose Spielben & Co. for Photography Services in Thailand?

For photography services in Thailand, your go-to company is without a doubt, Spielben & Co. There is no need to look any further to find another professional photographer. Whatever is on your bucket list of photography needs, we’ll make them happen. We excel in all types of photography (portrait photography, commercial photography,…), but it’s not just that. You’ll benefit from our technical expertise as well as our creativity.

Photography by ben Spielben

The Perfect Picture.

The Perfect Photographer.

Let’s take a look at the qualities that make Spielben & Co. stand out from the crowd. Whether you need Phuket’s best photographer for editorial photography in the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, or local photographers who can take you to the best spots for family photos, we shall meet all your expectations.

Spielben & Co. offers you:

  • Experience: Our background crosses a broad spectrum of services, including but not limited to personal, corporate, real estate, portraiture, event and food photography.
  • Technical proficiency: We can assess the lighting and composition of a scene in microseconds (no matter how fast the scene is fluctuating) and quickly adjust equipment settings and subject positioning before you can blink.
  • Personal attention: As a Phuket Island photographer, I frequently meet with local residents and with visitors from all over the globe. One client may have his own vision for his photoshoots, and another will look for guidance. Spielben & Co. is a photography business that knows how to listen, to customise and to produce amazing photos.

We have the experience, the equipment and, most of all, the skilled team of people to make any vision a reality.

Your personal photographer in Phuket, Thailand

Are you searching for the best vacation photographer in the town of Phuket, Thailand? Looking for a talented Phuket family photographer who’ll take you off the beaten path for photo shoots? Don’t look further. A Phuket personal photographer from Spielben & Co gives you family and vacation photography, real estate photography for private individuals, portraiture of both children and adults and much more.

Real estate photography is an art-form. If you want to show your home in the best light and the most favourable angles, both inside and out, professional photography for real estate can generate leads and close deals.

If you’re looking for a Phuket portrait photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Choose your own location or opt for our fully equipped photo studio, and we’ll set the tone and the ambience for you. Let the best portrait photographers in Phuket interpret the mood of the scene and work easily with the subjects to bring out the finest portrait photography in Phuket.

Your corporate photographer in Phuket, Thailand

Spielben & Co has ideas for your business. Our corporate photography experience is extensive. Brand and product marketing goes hand-in-hand with our creative and technical strengths. We are ready to travel the world to photograph your site.

  • Industrial photography: Stock photography images have a tendency to show up repeatedly on multiple corporate websites. Instead, let your customers view the real thing. At Spielben & Co., we focus on what is important to you and your clientele. We zoom into the core of your business, your products or your services.
  • Product photography: Photographing products requires subtle compositions that catch the eye of the viewer. As the best photographers in the town of Phuket, Thailand, we have the skills to offer you product images that will surpass all your expectations.
  • Fashion photography in Phuket: Of course, Thailand provides the beautiful scenery for your backdrops, but Spielben & Co. delivers the most professional photographers in Thailand for your fashion shoots. Our expertise in posing models and proficiency in post-production will ensure blemish-free skin and backgrounds that enhance, rather than detract from the beauty of the fashions.
  • Aerial photography services: The fashion, real estate, and travel businesses are just three types of industries that can benefit from Spielben & Co.’s aerial photography services. Our fully licensed drone pilots are ready to fly for you.

A note from our Photography Director Benoit Ricard

As Photography Director of Spielben & Co., I have created and built up up a photography company that gives the profession of taking pictures new meaning. As line producer for multiple brands, I know where to find the best freelance photographers in Thailand and around the globe. I thrive on my production work and am equally comfortable in my indoor photography studio or on location, whatever the conditions. I only hire professionals with photography skills I can count on. The production teams I manage dive into every photoshoot with enthusiasm and energy. Whether I am taking photos for a fashion shoot, real estate photography or event photography, I look forward to engaging with my clients and to get that shot you’ve been waiting for.


The Spielben & Co. portfolio reflects my broad service offerings. Take a look at the following samples of my company’s work for a glimpse at my commitment to producing superior results. The teams I put together combine photography techniques with artistic expression to make Spielben & Co. Thailand’s best photography company for both personal and corporate photography.