Industrial Photography

What is industrial photography?

When you say “industrial photography” it may only happen that images of objects and equipment come to mind. Industrial professional photography is the most efficient way to understand a product before buying it. It will permit you to know the specific details of a product such as its weight or its composition for instance. Actually, it is also a nice way to save a lot of money in the long term making sure that your purchase can suffice important demands. Industrial photography is complex and requires skills in order to obtain the desired result – a great image. The essence of industrial photography lies in relevance – relevance to the product itself and relevance to its intended audience.

Industrial Photography - stamping
Industrial Photography - cleaning
Industrial Photography - polishing

We photograph businesses within the industrial sector. This includes engineering companies, manufacturers, factories, high-tech start-ups. We deliver professional shots from commercial photography, corporate and portrait photography.

Industrial Photography - Casting
Industrial Photography - Plating
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We have experience capturing photos of factories, machinery, processing plants, assembly lines, welders, robotics, tool and die makers, high tech and no tech, from the ground and above for companies across Thailand.

Industry and people

If you’re working in industrial design and manufacturing and need help with an industrial product photography shoot, we can help. Our experienced photographers specialize in processes and systems of all types, as well as the assembly and disassembly of equipment. In short: if it moves, we can photograph it. 

Here’s a tip: if it comes in bits and pieces that must be assembled, it’s the perfect job for a timelapse. Also, if a client has particular needs that exceed our standard shooting methods (for example, to show equipment kept underwater or covered in dirt or dust), then that is no problem for us!

Industrial photography often overlooks the people behind the machinery, focusing instead on the machines themselves. This has resulted in the invisibility of workers in photographs and a skewed perception of the industrial world. Photographers should strive to capture the human element in industrial photography to bring attention to the individuals who work in these environments.

Industrial Photographer Spielben and Co.
Industrial Photographer Spielben and Co.
Industrial Photographer Spielben and Co.

What are industrial photos used for?

There are many Industrial Photography styles and types, some of which are very specific in the type of images they want (a steel mill might want some night-time shots of their unbearably hot metal pressing facility, for example). So the answer to “What is Industrial Photography” is very broad. But generally, Industrial photographs are used to convey a certain message to an intended audience. There is a common misconception that industrial photography is all about machines. This can be true, but in many cases it’s not. Industrial photography can be used for a great deal of different purposes and in many different industries. It can take place in factories, stockrooms, laboratories, warehousing and more.

What does an industrial photo capture?

Industrial and commercial applications rely on products that are used on a daily basis or services that people rely on in one form or another. Different types of industries will therefore require the industrial photographer to undertake specific tasks during their photography assignments that require expertise, skill and experience.


When you take industrial photographs you need to capture them in a way that represents the industry and how it works. In otherwords you
need to get close up details showing how an object is made, how a process is undertaken and how an object is manufactured. Your images need to show all aspects of the business, its employees at work and products being produced or processed throughout your photography project to help potentialcustomers understand your factory or business core skills and processes. Of course with the proper lighting equipment and post-processing (we specialize in retouching in Photoshop) we deliver the best digital image. 

Industrial Videography

Craftsmanship Videography

Industrial photography has been on the rise since its invention in the 19th century.
It captures moments of real life in a unique way and is different from painting or written descriptions.
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