Based in Asia with representatives in Paris.
Our diverse skill set attracts clients from all across the business spectrum.

Spielben & Co

is a Creative Agency based in Phuket, Thailand with representatives in Paris, France. We are a group of talented professionals driven by a desire to produce effective, innovative and stimulating visuals that meet our clients’ needs perfectly. Our team is highly experienced and passionate about what they do working diligently to ensure the end result leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

Our services include the following areas:

  • professional photography

  • video production

  • web design

  • scouting

  • pre-production

  • translation services

Aerial photography, Spielben And Co.
Spielben And Co_Team @ work

We work with passion,  commitment
and method

The internet has radically changed how we communicate and video is at the forefront of the revolution! The simple fact is video conveys complex messages and concepts easily, quickly and succinctly.

about us

  • Ben Spielben
    Ben Spielben Managing Director

    Born in Paris but now based in Phuket Thailand, Ben Spielben has worked extensively around the world combining his skills as a photographer, a Director and a Producer in video, TV, audio visual, music video and corporate advertising. Graduating from Lycee des Arenes, Toulouse with a BA Hons degree in Philosophy Ben went on to study for diplomas in video design, editing, digital motion graphics and compositing, color correction and multi camera operations. His eye for detail, passion for design and the pursuit of perfection results in stunning images that are both timeless and emotional.

    • Fabien Jacob
      Fabien Jacob Partner - Creative Director

      Born in France but based between Singapore, Paris and Bangkok, Fabien has over 30 years of experience working with different medias that has allowed him to develop a creativity that covers a vast range of fields. Principally a Creative Director, Fabien’s artistic and technical expertise has enabled him to work with larger international corporations and local firms alike. His cross disciplinarian approach and ability to project manage are his main strengths making him a very valuable member of our team. Areas of expertise for Fabien also includes: Branding, Graphic Design, Web and Mobile Development, Broadcast and App Design.

      • Pierre Ananou
        Pierre Ananou Copy Writer - Digital Media Strategy

        Spielben and Co’s copy writer and PR expert Pierre Ananou has worked with companies, institutions and NGO’s for the last 14 years in the design and implementation of broad communication strategies. He is especially skilled in the field of Digital Influence and PR and has worked with agencies such as WPP (Ogilvy), Omnicom (Ketchum) along with his own personal business in several countries (Asia, Europe and USA).Pierre creates tactics (events, PR and social media) and content (editorial, audio visual or graphic). Using his wide skill set Pierre is able to help you build your brand image and manage your business reputation with a professionalism that is hard to match.

        • Carol T’Sharner
          Carol T’Sharner PRODUCER

          Born and educated in France, Carol started in the film industry in 1996. She began working as a 1st AD before quickly making the move into production. As a freelance Line Producer Carol as worked in diverse countries with various production companies allowing her to combine a wealth of random knowledge and tough negotiation skills. She’s proved her methodology in mediums such as feature films, corporate and tv commercials and music videos.
          Fluent in both French and English she experienced executive production for several seasons in Cape Town – SA.

          • Guy Tabellion
            Guy Tabellion Scouting and translation

            Having lived in Thailand for over 20 years Guy is extremely proficient in reading, writing and speaking Thai. His appreciation and understanding of South East Asian culture and philosophy makes him an invaluable member of our team and enables him to bring something extra to the table. He has worked extensively around the world in the areas of feature films, documentaries and advertising as an Assistant Director.

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